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'The Golden Labyrinth' - Steve Earles

The Golden Labyrinth is the first comprehensive study of the films of Guillermo del Toro. Extensively researched, and presented in an entertaining and readable fashion synonymous with Noir Publishing, The Golden Labyrinth covers all del Toro’s work to date, but goes further, covering their inspirations, genesis, and production.

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'The Dead Walk' - Andy Black & Steve Earles

Completely revised, expanded & updated, The Dead Walk  is a highly informative and entertaining study of the diverse zombie film phenomenon.

The Dead Walk provides a fascinating insight into films from across the globe as well as devoting proper attention to individual filmmakers such as George A. Romero & Lucio Fulci who have made the zombie genre their own.

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'Flowers From Hell' - Jim Harper

Over the past decade, Japan has become a key player on the contemporary horror scene, producing some of the most influential and critically respected genre movies of recent years and helping to spark off the worldwide interest in Asian horror.

Flowers from Hell is the most in-depth look at the vibrant and challenging world of modern Japanese horror so far, covering the best directors, the most important films and the most popular themes of the past 25 years.

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'The Last Snake Man' - Austin J Stevens

A rollercoaster ride into the extremes of nature as experienced by wildlife photographer and adrenaline junkie Austin J Stevens. A herpetologist of international standing, Stevens not only provides fascinating insight into the world of dangerous reptiles and wild animals, but also a captivating history of his own diverse and dramatic life experiences.

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'Necronomicon Book 5'

Continuing on from the success of the first four Necronomicon books, Necronomicon Book Five again seeks out controversial and transgressive cinema from around the globe. Tease away the skin from the dark underbelly of this tome to reveal yet more perverse delights within the cult, horror and erotic cinema which is explored.

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A Brief History of Noir Publishing....

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Necronomicon Magazine - 7 issues - January 1993 - February 1995

Having successfully combined the gothic atmosphere and futuristic visions of the unique H P Lovecraft, Necronomicon magazine spewed forth its eclectic mix of horror, cult, sci-fi & erotica to generate a fervent following and securing distribution throughout the UK, Europe & USA courtesy of Diamond Comics, Capital City & Tower Records. Did You Know ?
  • The first issue of Necronomicon with a cover price of £2.00 now sells for over £10.00 on the collectors market with a full set of (magnificent) seven issues stretching towards the £100 mark
  • Amongst those interviewed were :-
  • Richard Stanley (Director of Hardware, Dust Devil)
  • Barbara Shelley (star of numerous Hammer Films including Dracula Prince of Darkness)
  • Jorg Buttgereit, Monika M (Director of Nekromantik, star of Nekromantik)
  • Umberto Lenzi (Cult Italian director)
  • "Intelligent, glossy... a must for anyone interested in blood, bondage and B movies !" - Helen Swift, Producer of The Little Picture Show, Carlton Television.

Necronomicon - The Book - 1996

Successfully completing the transition from magazine to book - the first two volumes being published by Creation Books, London before Noir Publishing debuted with Book Three in 1999.
Did You Know?
  • The first four books have total sales thus far of over 9,000 copies
Press Comments:
  • "Lovingly produced and amply illustrated... engaging... Heady Stuff" - Sight & Sound
  • "Invigorating, provocative and exceptionally well researched." - Total Film
  • "Essential Collecting for cinema fans, raiders of arthouse video shops, counter culture hedonists and blood junkies." - Skin 2
  • "...an indispensable adjunct to the study of the cinema of transgression." - Sight & Sound

Noir Publishing - 1999 - present

Adding to the success of the Necronomicon film book series, Noir Publishing spread its wings to include other film titles such as the zombie film opus The Dead Walk, the extreme music arena with the gothic excesses of Once Upon A Fiend, before returning to the film genre with the first in the new Necronomicon Presents series - Shocking Cinema of the Seventies. Now, a new chapter is turning in the Noir Publishing evolution as our biggest signing yet - South African wildlife photographer/adventurer Austin J Stevens, climbs aboard as Noir's first eXtreme wildlife series title - "The Last Snake Man". This was successfully launched at the Hay International Literary Festival in May 2007 in front of an enthusiastic audience of over 200 people leading to press coverage in The Sunday Times, Sunday Mirror, The Independent & The Sport newspapers.


Publisher features in Bizarre magazine, The Bookseller magazine & regional news titles Book of the Month award - Soho magazine Reviews of Noir Publishing titles in the following magazines :- Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Uncut, Record Buyer,Total Film, Shivers, Marquis, Skin 2, Terrorizer, Soho, Alternative Magazine, DVD Monthly, Zero Tolerance, Neo, Travel Africa, Wanderlust, Zoo & Real Travel.